Hello and welcome to my website.

I am a transport and mobility expert specialising in policy, strategy, stakeholder engagement, technology and innovation.

Yes, I do like trains and trams and transport generally but my real interest is in wider transport policy and politics.  Transport is fundamental to the wealth, health and wellbeing of society, to communities and individuals directly because good accessible transport for everyone provides access to jobs, skills, education, health, social and recreation – transport fundamentally affects the quality of our lives directly.

I have previously worked as a lobbyist for the wine and spirit trade, managed betting policy for the UK gambling regulator, campaigned for an elected mayor for Birmingham and worked pro bono for the national charity Cruse Bereavement Care.  Amazingly I studied law and thought I would become a solicitor but fortunately I escaped to the world of policy and eventually into the transport sector.

Loves: family, cats, transport, AFC Wimbledon, Bordeaux (the city and wider wine region), Girondins de Bordeaux, wine…

I will comment on many things but particularly transport, politics, football, current affairs, urban issues especially around Birmingham and London.  Maybe I’ll talk about France as well (as an Anglo-Frenchman by blood)…

I am contactable via here, Twitter or LinkedIn… always happy to talk transport and more!


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