Keeping busy: BCRRE and Rail Alliance

There has been a hiatus here of late, indicating that I been kept somewhat busy with a number of projects.  Well, one major project has now landed with our fantastic BCRRE Rail Alliance launch event held yesterday at Millennium Point in Birmingham next to the site of the HS2 Curzon Street station.

With over 300 people present, networking space and a large auditorium with a vast cinema screen, it was a brilliant environment for our team to set out the plans for the development of the Rail Alliance as part of our Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education.

And so the team grows as our railway centre further develops its capacity and capability to drive railway R&D, innovation and education.  This is the beginning of an exciting new era for BCRRE and Rail Alliance.  Projects like HydroFlex and DIGIRAIL are under way that demonstrate our move towards doing much more applied R&D and commercialisation work alongside the fundamental research.  Our reach through the whole innovation process is a hugely exciting development for us and, we hope for the rail industry.

Excitingly, one of the new initiatives we have set up is a BCRRE Blog in an attempt to convey more of what we are up to, you can see it here (including our report on the BCRRE Rail Alliance launch event)

You can read our official PR from the launch event – as well as see our snazzy BCRRE Rail Alliance intro video – here:

And some of the press attention we have received can be seen here:

And for more info about the respective organisations… BCRRE and Rail Alliance

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