Happy new year!

Best wishes to all of my friends, acquaintances, relations, colleagues, contacts, networks and whoever else comes across this post!  I hope everyone has an enjoyable, successful 2018.

In the usual tradition, I wanted to put some reflections on 2017 and hopes for 2018 in a short post…

One of the major issues both for this year and next has been the awfulness that is Brexit and how it can be prevented.  And Brexit has brought great problems for our country, for the industry I work in and many many others.  I am still trying to establish who i would vote for if a General Election is called… and it may well at the rate the UK Government is going!! Would it be time to give up on Labour for the Greens?

From a transport perspective, I see danger ahead in terms of demand for travel and how it is satisfied.  Public transport in the UK continues to become relatively more expensive/less affordable and a major problem is that the trend is rarely acted upon until a shift in both use and perception has occurred that then requires huge amount of effort to reverse.  The relative cost of driving (and being driven) continues to benefit from weak Government action in terms of taxing fuel and subsidising mass transit  or active travel opportunities.  And alongside this is the policy-making blind faith in technology as the answer to our problems, which is particularly worrying because the technology and the faith is developed in isolation from the reality…..

Anyway, more on that next year!!!  The joys for 2017 have been my daughter starting school and me starting my PhD… and i look forward to 2018 bringing new challenges, surprises, friends and much laughter along the way.

Happy new year everyone

🙂 xx

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