Train journeys and windows…

In my recent piece on rail and mobility as a service I mentioned in passing my ambition to have trains use location data to allow passengers to interact with the landscape as we travel through it.  For example, my regular Birmingham to London train ride could allow me to touch the window and/or use my mobile phone to explore the area outside – for example, on the approach into New Street finding out more about Digbeth and Eastside, the names of buildings, what they are used for, their history – like the Proof House which has named the junction where the Sutton Coldfield/Lichfield line joins the mainline on the eastern approach into New Street.

Well, as is so often the case, I came across the Flyover Country app project that uses your location during a flight to access online maps and associated content so you can explore the world you are looking at as you fly over it… more info here:

I would love to try this out on train journeys – anyone interested, then give me a shout…!

One thought on “Train journeys and windows…

  1. Hello Alex,

    Brilliant Idea..a digital “Bradshaws!!
    An innovation worth exploring, especially if there is an airline equivalent already!

    Peter S Lewis (shedmaster48)
    Warwickshire B50 4ED

    Rail Tube ( always on the lookout for guest articles…!!

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