Happy holidays!

Having been flat out with work for the last 6 weeks I now have a few days to catch my breath, stop, mull over a number of ideas and possibilities before going back into overdrive.

There is nothing more sensible surely than changing job and moving house at the same time… surely??!  well, it turns out that it can make things a little hectic.  But that is done now, we are in the new house for Christmas and have got the place sorted on an interim basis until the new year is here and we can start planning improvements.

For those that didn’t know, I joined Alstom a few weeks ago when it became a pure rail business following the de-merger of the energy businesses to GE.

After 6 weeks at Alstom, I can already sense the scale of possibilities ahead of us and that is my treat for 2016 and beyond.

In the mean time I wish everyone a happy holiday season and I will be working out how to make more time to see my family, write more blogs, travel on more trains and trams, and generally sit around tweeting… 😉

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