Catching up, what’s happening with transport?

It has been a while since I wrote here – mostly due to work commitments although i can signpost a couple of pieces produced recently for a work site (see here and here) plus a column in Passenger Transport (see here) and a successful event held on 30 June discussing how the rise of intelligent mobility and the sharing economy will impact on transport in the future… it was great fun and thought provoking!

I am getting a real sense that more of the transport sector is now taking notice of an emerging new approach to transport – this equally applies in Britain and also across the world.  While connected and autonomous vehicles are getting a lot of air time (along with drones), there is the perhaps more mundane matter of better means of paying for travel, the devolution of powers, the developing ‘digital railway’ agenda, the uptake of electric and hybrid vehicles, the rise of carbike/lift sharing, as well as the increasingly popular active travel modes.

That gives plenty of reasons to be cheerful! Surely???!!!

But at the same time… there is an ever more pressing need to use our big ideas to make some tangible changes as we see access to transport reducing – bus networks reducing to commercially viable services only, community transport availability shrinking, the cost of car ownership pricing people out of being able to get to jobs and colleges easily.

At some point I hope that these two sides will meet in the middle – where we look at the positives and think that it is time for a different form of intervention by ‘Enabling Government’ working to get its sought-after outcomes delivered as quickly and cheaply as possible, recognising the benefits generated rather than fretting completely over the raw cost (as opposed to the complete value) and the owners required to make things happen.

I am thinking about all of this a lot – if anyone else is then please get in touch!

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