Cycling, what you need to know

I know of Dr Rachel Aldred in the transport world and as one of the other 5 UK transport tweeters named in The Guardian recently but now I hope she will become far better known as a result of this piece of work for British Cycling – 

It has had an excellent write up in The Guardian as well – see

I find this really interesting because it ties in with the subject of my PhD research on the wider policy impacts and relationships between transport and other policy areas.

Dr Aldred’s research highlights some extremely relevant fact such as if cycling in the UK became as prevalent as Denmark, the NHS would save £17bn within 20 years. It is also the clear links with reducing congestion, improving air quality and public health, and hopefully starting to batter this crazy obsession Eric Pickles and others have with free car parking being the panacea for boosting high streets – rather than improving the space in particular of pedestrians and cyclists.

Cycling supports independence, access to work and skills, wellbeing and health and much more. And it is relatively inexpensive.  So why not put a greater emphasis on walking and cycling along with all the wider benefits they bring and perhaps look again at where other modes of transport should correctly be designed into the mix?

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