Mobility – providing customer-centred transport services

This news from Helsinki is an exciting step forward on a number of levels:

– recognition of the need to shift from providing distinct transport services to providing customer-centred mobility services;

– deploying technology to provide that mobility on demand array of solutions for customers;

– transport as a utility – that obtaining mobility should be akin to our mobile phone contract, moving away form old-fashioned fares and ticketing to a rolling monthly/weekly contract for mobility that can be tailored to our specific requirements.

There is still a lot more that could be done.  For example, shifting the market for mobility provision to a focus on the consumer-facing mobility provider or broker selling the monthly contract and then purchasing capacity from the infrastructure owner/provider.  This would cater for new operating models that would be better suited to a completely integrated mobility offering from an infrastructure perspective while allowing a customer service provider to tailor specific offerings for customers…

I will come back to this in more detail in the near future but all ideas welcome!!

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