So will 2014 bring any major revelations??

Rather than trying to predict what will happen in 2014 I think it might be easier to set out my hopes for some things that might pan out (transport-related…!!) that would be good for a great many people…

1. High Speed Rail will finally take hold as the real deal in Britain and the opposition will die away; this is already happening but it will become much more apparent as the facts become better-known, a lot of the nonsense and bullshit spread by people like Stop HS2, the Action Alliance and Andrew Gilligan will be more widely called out by a (hopefully) more scrutineering and less myopic mainstream media

2. Great Britain will realise that London is not interested in the rest of us so perhaps London should be treated in a similar vein

3. Party politics (and the Westminster village) will drag itself further into the mud as more of the population use food banks, become homeless, generally suffer due to the political parties and Westminster generally forgetting about the real world

4. The big cities will demand more powers and start to push towards a much greater decentralisation agenda – that will ideally lead to a shift towards a system akin to France and Germany and most other European countries where a country is not dominated so utterly by the capital city

5. There will be a much greater appreciation of transport’s role in the wealth and wellbeing of our society

6. Road transport average speeds will get slower (for example the recent story about the M1 having a permanent 60mph speed limit) with a greater uptake of 20mph residential speed limits, variable speed limits on main roads, and hopefully the deprioritisation of the car on roads – with roads instead becoming the open space they are meant to be for mobility for all by a variety of means

7. In contrast, the rail network will start to benefit from the investment going in to improve the current infrastructure and to improve reliability – hopefully the speeds will increase as the roads get slower reinforcing the shift from cars to mass transit

8. Transport will focus on intelligent mobility – the experience of the passenger, end to end journeys, improving information for passengers, much greater use of technology – we will see a shift in focus from discussions about specific transport modes to focussing on mobility and the ability to meet travel demand using a more holistic and person-centred methodology

9. Britain will make it clear that it is absolutely part of Europe and a part of the Union, likewise Scotland will stick with England and Wales but in return for the ongoing decentralisation agenda (as per point 4 above) being supported and increased

10. England will not win the football world cup in Brazil…

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