Planes and that London thing…

Well, having just watched Channel 4 News, oh and twitter and the internet all day, I feel properly engaged with the mainstream media and their take on the interim report from the Davies Commission on aviation capacity.  If I take it on face value, then basically we have a capacity crunch on our aviation capacity… I have tried to word that correctly.  There is a capacity crunch at Heathrow Airport in West London.  But that is it.

I mean, it would be reasonable to think that maybe our aviation hairs could be better served by a proactive national transport strategy to utilise our regional airports… Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Newcastle, East Midlands, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Robin Hood, Southampton and so on… all these airports have the benefit of actually being close to passengers…

I live in Birmingham and would prefer to use Birmingham every time.  It is on the West Coast Main Line and a number of bus routes, likewise Manchester is served by trains and fairly soon by Metrolink.  And both will be served by High Speed Rail in 13-18 years time…

So what is my beef?  Well, interestingly, there are a number of London Airports beyond Heathrow.  With spare capacity and usually easier to get to for a great many people.  OK one monster hub airport serving the whole country is a great thing in some respects, but surely the point is to get to Britain (for the economic side) and to be able to get to/from our markets, tourist destinations etc etc plus good air freight capacity in the real world… So why is the mainstream media so obsessed with the importance of Heathrow vs Boris Island – neither of which are ideal solutions for the majority of Britain??

Maybe, the Government might focus on the whole country and rebalancing the economy properly in all aspects and supporting regional development by boosting regional airports and the trade and market access they all support which would benefit a far greater number of people and businesses.

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