some good news….

yes, indeed, nice positive news that our baby daughter has finally come off the oxygen and is now (at four and a half months) completely independent with no tubes or wires or monitors attached.  Being three and a half months premature has been pretty tough but she is growing fast and getting stronger and stronger, having just gone past the 10 pound mark as well.

as you might imagine, these have been stressful and worrying times, but it is getting easier – it also means that unlike other first-time parents we are really not that bothered about being woken up at night – quite the opposite in fact.

and of course, this weekend also brought the great joy of AFC Wimbledon staying in League Two – truly special last few days! the relief has been immense – i can say that i believed we would do it, but we really took it down to the wire.  here’s to an easier season next time please – come on you dons!!!

anyway, back to transport next…

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