current issues in brief

It is a funny time where seemingly the media, politicians and others are getting a bit too self-indulgent and have gone into a relatively esoteric bubble.  I have steered clear from airing my opinion on the politics of the 1980s following the death of Margaret Thatcher on Monday and I intend to keep it that way – there is too much emotion and it really doesn’t need to be like that, we have enough on our plates in the here and now.

But I have to reflect on some of the goings on that have resulted from her death.

Firstly, the recall of Parliament to spend hours eulogising at cost to the taxpayer when significant political events have not warranted such a recall definitely appears self-indulgent.   Given the appalling situation in Syria and the very real threat on the Korean peninsula the obsession of the media and politicians to hark back to the divisive days of the 1980s does seem inappropriate, especially given there will be the as-good-as-state funeral next week and plenty of other opportunities to write, reflect and lecture on the ideas and policies of the time.

Secondly, we live in a very different world to Thatcher’s time.  I was a schoolkid in the 80s, i remember a lot but not the political nuances just a general memory of times that, for me at least, were made by my family and friends and not by the particular paper i read or adherence to any particular ideology.  For me, the 80s were great music and great hair and times when the world became more like it is today.

I read yesterday that Margaret Thatcher greatly regretted that her economic policies did not create more generosity in those who had so greatly benefitted for themselves.  And you know what, I can believe that.  I can believe that she felt let down by the people who had made their money by whatever means but thanks to her Government’s policies, but who then did not look back to those in society who had been left behind and had not had access to similar opportunities.

So when I watch the painfully numerous tributes of people praising her for giving them the chance to make loads of money, I wonder if perhaps they are the ones who still need to be addressed if we are to make a stronger, fairer society and drop the focus on a figure who has now passed into history.


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