New London Cycling Strategy – London moves further ahead

The Mayor of London has published his Vision for Cycling and we have here a document that actually resembles a tangible Olympic legacy.  You can find it here:

First things first, there are the usual headlines/soundbites – almost £1bn for cycling for example. That is over 10 years but it is still a significant increase and puts London on a par with the great European cycling cities.

What are we really seeing?  Hopefully, we are seeing a fundamental shift in attitude where roads and public space become owned by many and not possessed by cars.  Furthermore this is the start of cycling becoming a transport mode and not a minority hobby.  Cycling must be treated as a mode of transport that gets people to their places of work or education.  When we see cycling treated as another form of transport and planned as such then we can see better solutions more strategically planned and integrated with the wider transport strategy.

There is a welcome focus on safety – lorries and vans with safety devices; 20mph speed limits; segregation.  There is also a very welcome recognition of the need for top quality information and way finding.

There is a hell of a lot of ambition in this as well as scope for slippage – TfL and the Mayor cannot just go and deliver the lot – they need the buy in, support, permissions and money of others and it is vital that they can get this and perhaps it is incumbent on all of us to ensure that the pressure is kept up – we all expect this to be the norm and therefore this mentality, this support and ambition must be continued and spread further.

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