It’s all go for March! (new job, daughter comes home…)

I think an update is required having received so many kind words, messages and comments on everything that has been happening over the last few days, weeks, months…

Firstly, Camille is doing really well, she is over 11 weeks old and is putting on weight and feels, looks and sounds like a normal baby which is of course a great relief after everything she has gone through.  We are hoping that she will be coming hone soon – how soon we don’t know but soon and definitely by the end of March.  She was meant to be born on 12 March and we are hoping she will be home before that and ideally before 10 March (Mothers Day…!).

Much amusement has been had after Cams demonstrated to me (novice that i am) how volatile baby’s internal combustion engines are by exploding in poo and saturating herself, exploding her nappy and covering her clothes in poo – i have mother in law as a witness to my methodical, meticulous cleaning approach – although if there had been a garden hose handy that would have made life easier…!

And the other big news is that having had February off to look after Claire and Camille I have accepted a new challenge and will be setting up a Transport and Infrastructure practice at Insight Public Affairs.  I am thrilled to be joining the team and building up a dedicated transport and infrastructure practice that can offer real value and expertise to clients.  So this Friday, 1 March, is my start date and I cannot wait to get started!

Now i can get back to writing about transport and politics and have some normality after the somewhat extreme last 3 months!

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