My latest, hopefully going to be a good month!!

as most people who know me would  say, i like to tread my own path/plough my own furrow/do things in my own inimitable way… and i am back on my usual mission to worry my wife and wider family!

so yes, after some serious thinking and planning, i have now left Centro and am taking some time out to be with my wife and Camille our baby girl who is now almost 2 months old!  The good news is that Camille has moved now to Good Hope hospital (her 3rd hospital) which is just round the corner from home and where she was meant to arrive!  she could not come to Good Hope until she was the equivalent of 34 weeks and could be in a Special Care unit – so it is another good  news story and important milestone.  and she is about to pass the 2 kilo mark (which is something like 4 and a half pounds i think in old fashioned/antiquated measures).

so yes, it is all go. hopefully she will come home in february, although it may end up being march (she was meant to arrive on 12 march i suppose…), but she is getting closer and closer now.

i want to thank Centro and all of my friends and former colleagues.  it was a wonderful 4 years there and i know my old team will go from strength to strength.

so, onwards to the future…

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