End of an era

It really is the end of an era as this coming Thursday (31 January 2013) will be my last day as Head of Strategy at Centro.  After nearly 4 years at the West Midlands Transport Authority I have decided to take some time out to support my wife, Claire, as we look after our baby daughter, Camille, who was born over 3 months prematurely in early December and after 7,5 weeks is still in the neonatal unit in Heartlands Hospital.

The last 2 months have been pretty astonishing really, combining shock and surprise and fear and worry and panic and stress as well as learning and experiencing so many things.  Having a premature baby is an experience you never prepare for and that suddenly arises and sends everything spinning out of control.  Almost 8 weeks later we feel a mixture of frustration that this is still going on and that Camille is still stuck in hospital, but conversely a real nervousness that after 8 weeks of being looked after by doctors and nurses we will not be able to take care of her or cope with any problems as and when they arise.

Hopefully she will be coming home soon though.

In terms of Centro, now feels like a good time to take a break, take stock and think about fresh challenges for the future.  The last 4 years have been highly entertaining, enlightening, exciting, inspiring, educational and enjoyable.  The messages I have had from people have been so kind, I have really felt overwhelmed by being reminded of the goodness of people and their kind words.

So, one era ends and another begins…

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