Latest news update from me!

Amazingly, transport and politics has taken a back seat for me at the moment!

Last Friday (7 December) my wife gave birth to our baby daughter – to say we are still in a state of shock and surprise is an understatement as Camille Mathilde was born 3 months early at only 26 weeks.  So she is in neonatal intensive care at New Cross hospital in Wolverhampton who have been taking excellent care of her.

Mrs B was in hospital until Tuesday after undergoing an emergency c-section after suffering severe pre-eclampsia and is now at home with me chilling while we do our daily commute across to Wolverhampton from Sutton Coldfield to see Camille.

After a crazy whirlwind 10 days i am trying to get us into some kind of routine – morning runs, chores, finding ways of coping with the worry and stress of what has happened and the health of our tiny tiny baby daughter.

It is always amazing that in times like this so many people show real kindness and the strength and warmth it gives us is fantastic, we are so grateful for all the thoughts and good wishes that we have received.  The learning curve is also steep in this situation – being parents but without our baby at home with us is a strange and unreal experience.  I guess it is one of those situations you find yourself in when you know nothing about it at first but learn so much and realise that it happens to many others but you have never really noticed it.

Well, it is going to be a journey this, we expect her to stay in hospital until near her due date (12 March 2013) so for now my random thoughts and posts are going to be sporadic but the world is an interesting place at the moment…

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