Back from Brighton, ready for #Lab12

After 4 days spent in lovely Brighton surrounded by Cleggy’s (quite literally) barmy army we are now in the final run up for the biggest event of the year – Labour Party Conference in Manchester! Hurrah!

My sense at Lib Dem conference was that it was still very much the 3rd conference and a distant 3rd compared to Labour and Tories.  The good thing about Lib Dem conferences are that Lib Dems on the whole love transport and go potty for transport debates… Having attended a number of transport events at the conference i can vouch for there being healthy and informed debate on a wide range of transport matters with Stormin Norman Baker attending and speaking at a typically phenomenal number (i spoke to him on Monday night at his 30th and final fringe speaking engagement of the day).

But the Lib Dems are done and dusted and Cleggy has stood up and done his leader speech which was appropriately fanciful this afternoon, and so now to Manchester and Labour…

This should be good.  I do sense a building sense of purpose and head of steam now for the Labour Party and a more positive approach to opposition with a developing narrative that becomes more compelling by the day – albeit thanks to the Tory-led coalition government wrecking the country, the economy, our society and us the people.

It will give me great pleasure to speak at 2 fringes at Party Conference – on Monday night at the Pragmatic Radicalism Top of the Policies fringe and then on Tuesday lunchtime at the Dods Connecting Britain fringe.  Anyone who wants to come along and take part in the debate please do so – i am always happy to witter on and discuss the issues of the day!

One thing is for sure.  3 weeks of party conferencing for work is hard, tired feet and general exhaustion.  I did a 5k run along Brighton seafront early Tuesday morning and although it would be fair to say it was fresh (i got battered by wind, rain, hail and general storminess) it felt great to have a proper relax from being on my feet and talking all the time, even if i was taking a pasting while doing it!

I look forward to seeing lots of people in Manchester, happy conferencing everyone!

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