The South London Metro – tangible transport policy

I want to set out  tangible transport policy that was initiated courtesy of Transport Womble – whoever that might be 😉 see and

The South London Metro is a means of devolving the heavy rail network of South London to TfL to run in a manner akin to the London Overground.  The benefits are many: integrated information and ticketing, standardising (and upgrading) the rolling stock, giving a standard understandable feel and integrating the network into the London Transport network.

The suburban rail network in South London is a crucial and significant part of London’s transport network but is left off the tube map and feels separated from the network.  The lines currently operated by Southwest trains, Southern, Southeastern and First Capital Connect cover all of South London and reach out into the wider journey to work area.  These lines conect several million people with jobs, education and skills opportunities, health and wellbeing opportunities and are vital to the wider economy of the South East and really the whole country.

A South London Metro in the style of the London Overground network would give a strong identifiable transport network for a huge portion of London that is invisible to the outside world as it is poorly served by the Underground and DLR that is represented on the tube map.

It is also a means from moving these vital services out of the hands of private operators and into the control of Transport for London (in partnership with the neighbouring transport authorities as appropriate) to manage – which they are capable of doing as evidenced by the huge success of the London Overground network.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the South London Metro…

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