7 days to go #Yes2BrumMayor

it is just 7 days now until Birmingham votes!  after what feels like an eternity (seriously – i have been involved in Birmingham Mayor stuff for 18 months now!) we are in touching distance of the elected mayor referendum on the same day as the City Council elections on Thursday 3 May.

It would be churlish not to mention that this is a massive election day for the city.  The Council will come back to Labour control after 8 years of Con-Dem coalition.  Sir Albert will take the helm of Birmingham City Council once more.  Of course, the referendum will decide whether we make the crucial step of changing the city governance for the better by bringing in a democratically-elected leader of the city with a strong mandate from the people to deliver real change for our city.

Yesterday, i was out with Birmingham Chamber and Marketing Birmingham friends to leaflet commuters in the Colmore Business District.  The Yes campaign has worked hard and tirelessly to try and spread the message to as many Brummies as possible.  The link below will hopefully show a picture of how drenched we got doing this…!!!

It would be fair to say that 2 activists have given everything to educate the city about this referendum:

– Julia Higginbottom leads the Yes campaign (yestobirminghammayor.com) and has given everything to our campaign for quite some time now.  i hope that her efforts will be fully recognised

– Pauline who is PoliticsInBrum has led the charge for informing and enlightening Brummies and engaging them in the debate.  I suspect that she is supportive of the Yes Campaign 🙂 but her main drive is getting people involved and more knowledgeable about their city – a very worthy campaign indeed as apathy and indifference is commonplace even though everyone likes to complain…!

Next Thursday i very much hope that our campaign will be successful and that an elected mayor will become a reality for Birmingham, goodness knows we need it!  But the battle is only half-won then – the Yes Campaig will not simply shut up shop on Friday 4 May, although we definitely need a rest…!

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