My tribute to Councillor Angus Adams

It was a horrendous shock to be told late Tuesday morning that Angus Adams had died suddenly of a heart attack.  Angus was 67.  Angus was our Chairman at Centro, as well as a Cabinet Member on Dudley Council, and had been on the ITA for much longer than the 3 years i have been at Centro.  Angus was a real pleasure to work for, he was a piss-taker, he was interested, he liked people and speaking to them to find out what they knew and what they were looking to achieve.

Angus would listen to my ideas and then put his pragmatic hat on and remind me that while the vision is vital we always need to be credible and therefore practical.  But he had a strong vision of where we were going and how we needed to act in order to get there.  He understood the vital need for transport investment.  He was pro-high speed rail.  He was passionate about getting the Midland Metro network expanded and the reopening of the Walsall-Stourbridge railway line.  He cared about decent bus services, decent buses and decent bus stations for the people, his electors, the communities he knew and worked with.

I have worked very closely with Angus in his year as Chairman of Centro, accompanying him to conferences, functions, meetings, presentations, Party Conferences, receptions and such like.  He was great company, he knew he could take the mick with me and that i would hit back just as hard.  He was a fun bloke, he got on with people, he had an even richer vocabulary than me!

He was also called Arthur! The name Angus came as a kid when he and his family moved from Aberdeen to the Black Country and Arthur was known as Aberdeen Angus…

It came as a terrible shock when I was told the news of his sudden death.  He was well-known, well-respected and much-loved.  I was touched to read a piece by Margot James, the Member of Parliament for Angus’s constituency in Stourbridge, who I know he was very fond of and enjoyed working with to represent the people of Dudley and Stourbridge.  I know that everyone who knew Angus will have very fond memories of a guy who cared, who stood up for making the world better and got stuck in to make it happen.

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