1 month and 1 day #Yes2BrumMayor

OK, you can probably guess what this post is going to be about.  A month tomorrow, Thursday 3 May 2012, Birmingham votes – not just for the usual local elections but we also get to vote in a city-wide referendum on whether to have an elected mayor for Birmingham.  This is significant – this will be a huge change, and a very positive one at that, for the city – if we say yes…

well, it is widely known that I will be voting YES for a Birmingham Mayor.  I don’t need to repeat my arguments – just check out yestobirminghammayor.com and you will find out plenty more!

Earlier today i wrote a piece in response to Councillor Martin Mullaney’s guest blogpost on the chamberlain files arguing against an elected mayor – you can see it here: http://yestobirminghammayor.com/2012/04/02/a-response-to-martin-mullaneys-guest-post-in-the-chamberlain-file-by-alex-burrows/

It would be great to get some more help, we have loads of flyers to spread the word about the mayoral referendum – drop me a note or the campaign to find out more and get involved or donate some £££

Also, on Sunday 15 April we are holding the Big Brum Debate at the Town Hall – more details on the website. This will be an amazing opportunity to find out more – every Brummie should attend!!!

Finally, most of all, i hope you will get out and vote and that you cast a YES vote for an elected mayor!

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