Hectic January, big 2012…

As someone who likes to go all in for everything I do, it would be fair to say that 2012 is looking like an atypical year in that all in is going into another level!

So in May we have the Birmingham elected mayor referendum – hopefully followed in November by the election… We are really starting to up the ante now and i must highlight the huge amount of work being put in by Julia Higginbotham (@gabysslave) (and well supported by Nat) in driving the campaign forward with the support of quite a few of us.  Do check out our website yestobirminghammayor.com as well as keeping in touch on twitter and facebook – this is a major opportunity for Birmingham, it must not be allowed to slip through our fingers!

We have also had the positive announcement from the Government on high speed rail.  In tandem with this has been the emerging policy development from the Labour Party on transport and high speed rail.  A full national high speed rail network, ongoing rail electrification, and a muscular empowering form of localism that will support transport authorities in the regions to control their transport properly and get the funding from Whitehall to do that – a very welcome development!

With Mayoralties and High Speed Rail i have found my focus has been very much on these hugely significant projects to the detriment of other things and I have therefore decided to step down from Birmingham Future and Forward with immediate effect.  I am sure Future will see others step up to the plate and my absence will not even be noticed but i will always be more than happy to offer any help if and when asked.

And finally… seeing AFC Wimbledon bounce back with a vengeance has made January much more pleasant than it could have been!  having not won in the league since early october we have just won twice in a row away from home and coming form behind in both games at port vale and yesterday at Gillingham.  a most pleasing development and as ever a wonderful time as it always is to be a Womble!!!

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