seriously, we need to get a grip on all this

well, plenty of stuff going on at the moment! yesterday was N30 the day of action – i was out on strike along with about half my team. there was a great turn out at the march through Birmingham, a colourful noisy swathe of workers putting the question out there that we are seeing colleagues losing their jobs painfully frequently, on a long term pay freeze with pension contributions going up to receive less at a later age.

and of course the day before the strike we have the Tories/ConDems with the Autumn Statement seemingly provoking the public sector with the threat of further pain still to come.  there was the coming of the National Infrastructure Plan which is the subject of my latest Progress article here

ultimately, in the run up to christmas it feels like things are still getting worse for all of us – of course, when i say all of us, we have to remember that we really are not all in this together.  i hope and urge people, especially those who gravitate to the centre or left wing to consider that not backing the strike is a message to us that you don’t have the stomach to stand up against the Tories.  we cannot let this be done to us without at least making it clear we do not agree and do not accept that this pain is necessary.  they have a plan for cuts but no plan for growth – this is not a sustainable future…

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