Latest activity and thoughts!

I have tried to be a bit more productive in my writing which has led to me producing articles for Progress, you can find them all here…

There is an awful lot going on at present – most significantly we have a new addition to the family, a 4 month old British Blue kitten called Bolly (pedigree name is Tufton Bastille Bollinger) who is of course devastatingly gorgeous but also a little monster! His big sister Sassi, our 6 year old chocolate Exotic Shorthair, is ambivalent primarily due to her love of sleep and cuddles.

But in other news the Localism Act has now been passed and we have confirmation of the Birmingham elected mayor referendum in May 2012 and a real campaign to press on with.  Keep an eye on for info

In transport we have rail reform on the agenda along with the Initial Industry Plan that sets out potential rail spend for 2014-19 (Control Period 5) which gives the West Midlands about 0.5% of the overall national spend… i think you can imagine the prevailing view there! And of course the HS2 decision is now quickly approaching.  However with the recent change at the top of the Department for Transport there have been real knock-on delays as Justine Greening gets to grips with her new brief .

Finally i have been making a real effort to see more of my beloved Wombles of AFC Wimbledon.  We seem to be over the dire run that included my wife and I witnessing £rawley Town demolish us 5-2 at The Fans’ Stadium.  Swindon Town visit us this afternoon and i will be listening on internet radio with great interest to see if our form really is returning – and of course i know all Wombles are thinking of Terry Brown and his family at this difficult time.


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