More thoughts on Birmingham Elected Mayor (YES!!!)

Have had a lot of support from people who read my piece yesterday (Weds 26 October) for Progress (and also on this blog) in support of a Yes vote for the Birmingham Elected Mayor referendum next May.

But the problem i have seen being reinforced today is the lack of leadership in our city. It’s not just about a strong political leader driving the Council forward. It’s more than that. There is just a seemingly inbuilt reticence from Brummies to stick their neck out and lay down a strong robust opinion and run with it.

We need this. i’ll stick my neck out. i say Yes to an Elected Mayor (and i am a strong Yes to high speed rail person as well…!)

Birmingham needs strong leaders, not one but many who can be strong and provide real leadership for the city that can bring real results.

Come on Birmingham, i’m up for it, who’s with me???!!!

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