Tour de France excitement!

Well my friends, if you are not following the Tour de France then you are missing out on a wonderful sporting occasion and also an insight into France, the French and the wonderful countryside/towns/hills and mountains of my second homeland.

I have even converted Mrs B into an avid TdF fan and we have watched both stages this weekend – very different but equally exciting with a bloody tough multiple climb mountain stage yesterday followed by a beautiful picturesque flat stage through the Languedoc wine region to Montpellier today.

I must say that ITV4 are doing a splendid job with the coverage, great commentating, superb pictures, having Chris Boardman and Ned Boulting helps of course…!

It is amazing watching the riders go so far, so fast, the effort and exertion but also the fast-moving tactical work that goes on as well…

Having just celebrated Bastille Day on Thursday i suppose that leaves me to say – Vive la France and vive la Tour de France!

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