Yesterday and Tomorrow

Well, Friday 20 May, recovering from an absolutely fabulous evening yesterday and hoping for another absolutely fabulous day tomorrow…

I was genuinely chuffed and delighted to win the Communications category at the Birmingham Young Professional of the Year Awards last night. I reckon our category was the toughest and Tara (Tomes) and Mark (Chambers) are both really quite super and also very lovely people. And well done to Hilary Allen who won the overall award – i got the chance to meet her for the first time and have a really good chat just at the start of the event and i’m sure she will have a super year and make a real impact in Birmingham.

Well done to Mrs B and the BYPY Committee for a truly stonking event. it was really quite an epic event, huge in scale and loud in approach, it really was an absolutely fantastic night and (if i hadn’t had as many glasses of pop) it would have been great to have another few hours chatting to all the super people there!

Now for tomorrow, Saturday 21 May 2011, is this truly the rapture then? The day of judgment is apparently upon us… Will AFC Wimbledon be swept up and into the football league with victory over our rivals and fellow true football club Luton Town that have also been royally screwed by the cretinous Football Association?

Mrs B and I have our tickets. Manchester beckons. I will try to tweet from the game but i fear i will probably be somewhat preoccupied… Come on you Wombles!!!

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