BYPY 2011 tonight

aha, so tonight finally comes round, the annual celebration and party for Birmingham’s young professionals.  the Birmingham Young Professional of the Year awards 2011 are at last upon us.  Now I have 2 interests to declare: (1) Mrs B is on the BYPY organising committee which is a part of Birmingham Future, and (2) I am actually a finalist in the Communications category…

Now my blog/interweb friends, why should anyone ever care? well, Birmingham should stand up and be counted and we all have a part to play. to my mind a key part of this battle is to win the hearts and minds of the graduates and young professionals that Birmingham needs to build a thriving economy that can help benefit the whole city in so many ways.

we don’t want a brain drain, we don’t want an aging or imbalanced city. we want a proud, forward-looking and outward-looking second city that is confident, proud, vibrant and charismatic.  BYPY is the one night that young professionals come together to celebrate what we’re all up to and what we can further achieve as individuals, as professionals, as a community and as a city.

Birmingham is a great city to live in and to work in. there are many opportunities and events like this help to remind us all why we’re here and what we can dream of and aspire to.

I’m looking forward to the party, seeing loads of friends and meeting many more… will i win? goodness knows, but by this time tomorrow i will know (unless an alcohol-induced memory loss takes place along the way)… but look back at previous winners and finalists and you can see how BYPY has been at the very least a filip and more usually a catalyst for confidence, development and opportunity.

which leads me to pose a question as the conclusion – if we look at this in the abstract, it is worth noting that everyone likes to feel connected, part of a group, a community, society – that is the human experience; well, maybe we should more proactively think about how we can bring people together, to celebrate, to commend, to encourage and ultimately to thrive… what else could Birmingham do and where else and with who else that helps us all remember how many great people, great things, great achievements we should be celebrating in our great city?

hope everyone who is going to BYPY has a great night and that maybe it will inspire great things in the future

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