Back from France to the West Midlands

Just back in Birmingham after a week in Basse-Normandie – staying in Villedieu-Les-Poeles (which literally translates as God Town of the Stoves). Well, i am always astonished at how in England we really are always out and about eating, drinking and shopping (for me the first two are considerably more likely!)… The small country towns are dead after 6pm unless they are touristy (and that is internal as well as foreign tourists, eg Honfleur near Le Havre and Pont de Normandie).

I guess we do more on Sundays than stay in/go to church – like (you guessed it) eating, drinking and shopping…

BUT when the local cider, calvados, cheese and pastries are that good – you want to kick back at home anyway!

Anyway, disturbing news from France this morning is Dominique Strauss-Kahn getting into some trouble it is reported in New York. Parti Socialiste were relying on him coming back to la France to take the fight to the psycho dwarf in the heels! Personally, he is just seems to enjoy his vast wealth a bit much for my liking – the Guardian online article has a bit on this discussion towards the end which actually surprised me by the seeming tolerance of DS-K’s somewhat excessive consumption of the extremely fine life.

but back to Birmingham then. good to see our Airport tking the fight to London and Manchester. the local campaigners against airport expansion need to see the figures showing that local people drive to other airports further away (thus increased congestion and pollution from cars to take the flight they were always going to take anyway). I wish Birmingham Airport the best success in making the West Mids more self-sufficient and a more attractive place to live and visit and work in and the Airport is a fundamental part of that offer. Now we need to focus on getting more people there by public transport…

And finally… i won the Eurovision sweepstake with Azerbaijan at the party we attended last night. We also had Ireland and Sweden and i thought they were both much more likely when the draw was made… shows that you never can tell (unless you have very good and up-to-date knowledge of Europolitics and historical ‘issues’!) with Eurovision… Baku next year should be interesting…

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