a big issue: a mayor for birmingham

right, now i am not a born and bred brummie, i am an adopted brummie. Birmingham IS the second city, but this mantle is not going to last the way our city is going. change is needed. Birmingham needs to be driven forward and it needs serious strong leadership ASAP.

at present, we have a vast city council with 120 councillors at the helm led by the Leader and his cabinet. now if the city council was a business, it would be led by serious heavyweights who would be powerful and charismatic advocates – think Ken and then Boris in London, they won Crossrail, the Olympics and have driven forward huge development, investment and progress for the capital city of the world.

Birmingham needs an elected mayor, someone who will represent the second city, build the Brummie brand and project it to the rest of the country and the world, and someone with a direct democratic mandate, actually chosen by Birmingham’s residents to make the decisions and take the responsibility to drive our city forward.

I am (obviously) pro-Mayor then for Birmingham. And the sooner the better – can we please have a referendum and then (i hope) a mayoral election asap afterwards!

The Mayor of Birmingham will be a serious politician with a national profile. And it needs to be a politician. you can have the nonsensical piffle of some TV celebrity or whatever but they will be laughed out of Westminster long before the serious financial decisions are made, the hard work of lobbying and influencing needs someone with knowledge/experience and existing networks/contacts of Westminster and Whitehall and with clout to win for Birmingham the support and resource for Birmingham’s future development such as metro/rapid transit funding, bringing forward the major new developments and getting the investment to take our city forward to bring in the jobs and opportunities across the city that we so desperately need.

the alternative = the status quo. watch manchester continue to grow at birmingham’s expense (huge metrolink network extensions, Airport City, Salford Quays, MediaCity, the BBC relocation, Commonwealth Games/Eastlands/SportCity etc etc).

Birmingham needs change. Yes to a Mayor for Brum!

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